Mr Smith

Garments that transcend the formula of fashion and tailoring as it is recognized today, Mr Smith is a frontier of a new thinking in the fashion world. 
In his years spent learning from master tailors and pattern cutters from the best fashion houses in Paris, Vincent developed a new concept of menswear he calls couture for men.


It combines an extensive knowledge of movement, cloth and cut with a deeper relationship between the maker and the garment.
This is reflected in an almost subliminal experience for the wearer. 
Mr Smith is working with a small family-owned workshop in Naples to produce a small beautiful collection combining the exquisite detail and flawless cut of his couture line with wider accessibility.


Over thirty years Vincent has built a reputation as the preeminent menswear creative, pattern cutter, and sartorialist.
His mastery of detail and cut is unparalleled. 
From his workshop, he has worked for numerous fashion houses from Thierry Mugler, Lemaire, Kenzo to Givenchy.
Lending his critical eye and technical expertise to the vision of Christophe Lemaire, Riccardo Tisci and many others.